Labor Day Weekend Travel Expected To Rise This Year

Triple A officials predict a 3 percent increase over last year in California

More people are expected to end their summer with a trip out of town.

Officials at the California State Automobile Association are predicting 3.7 million Californians will travel 50 miles or farther this Labor Day weekend.

That's a 3.4 percent increase over the holiday weekend a year ago.

Of those traveling. 2.9 million Californians are expected to drive. That's a 3.6 percent increase over a year ago.

More than 490,000 Californians will fly, a 4.1 percent increase. About 300,000 are expected to use other modes of transportation, including trains, buses and boats. That's about the same as last year.

“While many Californians are still caught in a fragile state of economic affairs, they are willing to travel but will be cutting back on other expenses,” said AAA Northern California spokesperson Cynthia Harris. “Those surveyed expect to cut back on shopping, take a shorter trip, travel by an alternative mode of transportation and stay with family and friends to avoid higher expenditures over the holiday weekend.”

Air fares are expected to be 4 percent cheaper than a year ago with an average ticket cost of $197.

However, hotel rates will be 4 percent higher with an average stay at a three-star lodging facility costing $154 per night.

Gas prices are up significantly. In California, the average cost for a gallon of unleaded regular is $4.14. A year ago, it was $3.77.

For a West Coast family, the average trip will be 635 miles with expenditures of $439.

Mr. Pickles August 28, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Beer is more expensive this year than was last, And people will still be drink it. Same as gas. So what's your point. We all need a change scene to get out of this rut. So hit the road. I know I am.
sanleandronumerouno August 28, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Can't wait til next week when gas prices will probably start to go down again.


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