Fans At Ricky's, Englander's Cheer, Mourn Niners'

Football fans gathered at local watering holes saw the Giants end the 49ers championship drive.

While the rain poured outside on Sunday, the beer poured inside of The Englander Pub and Ricky's Sports Theater and Grill, as the San Francisco 49ers took on the New York football Giants across the bay at Candlestick Park.  

At the Englander, five rooms with multiple televisions were filled nearly to capacity as waitresses walked by with pitchers and and plates of Buffalo wings.

Optimism was high early in the first half. "Niners to the Bowl. This is our year," Ian Gotlieb said

But nail biting commenced early and extended into the second half, where the mood was more restrained at Ricky's. Owner Ricky Ricardo prides himself and his establishment as offering a safe homey atmosphere in which to enjoy a game.

Ricky's is known for being a Raiders fan's paradise. However on Sunday more Red and Gold was seen than Silver and Black.

A subdued feeling prevailed even with six full rooms and over 100 televisions pumping in the game's sights.

As the clock wound down, fans on both sides grew more concerned. Before they knew it, time had expired and the two teams were tied and the game was thrown into overtime and sudden death. 

A mishandled punt by the 49ers offered New York a drive start well within field goal range. Though it wasn't official, 49er fans began to realize they had wounds to lick as the smatttering of Giants fans began to pour salt in them.


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