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Share pictures and memories of your experiences at this East Bay favorite. Here are some examples to get things started.


Ever since  after 63 years of serving Italian food, dedicated fans have been sharing their memories.

Here's just a sample of the comments and photos that have been pouring in:

Kim McCallister: I remember having my Shirley Temple in the bar with my grandparents back in the '60s, when children were allowed to sit in the bar. I remember Gino the Bartender. The big fireplace. Getting a dime from my grandpa to put the Beatles on the jukebox. My mom had her 21st birthday celebration there, and my grandparents their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, among many others. I am so so sad to hear that it has closed.

Rosalinda Tribuzio: Our Mama's last birthday was spent there on Aug. 16, 1996 and Oct. 29, God called our Mama home. Lot's of good memorie's with the Tribuzio and the Prewitt families.

Jan Woycheshin: My family has been dining at Bancheros since 1975. My daughter had her wedding rehearsal dinner there in 1985. My son-in-law's family has been going there since he was little boy. Our grandchildren (now 26,24 and 22) have been celebrating birthdays at Bancheros all their lives. Our favorites were the big steaks, chicken, raviolis and spaghetti. We will miss it all.

Carol Parker: Those of us who are in a state of shock and tears today are sad because it was the venue where so many local families gathered for special occasions in their lives when all their friends or relatives would come together. In my case, I guess I went there from birth in 1956 until now - so three generations of our family have celebrated important milestones there. Our old neighborhood in Hayward was very close knit and on Saturday nights we would go as a huge group - parents and kids - to eat at Banchero's. So many of those people have now passed away. When we remember happy times with them - it was often over a meal we had with them at Banchero's. 

George Mortimore: I was there in 1948. I delivered cases of ravioli to the walk-in ice box. I knew both John Sr. and his partner Jack O'Connor. I knew John when he was at Bertola's on Telegraph Ave. I guess that makes me no longer a kid at 81. My bosses, Harold Ferarri and Vince Cerletti passed away in 2009. Leo Giacomini is still alive and I plan to join him for lunch real soon at his son Gary's deli in Danville. It is called Domenico's after his grandfather. The original Ultra Delicatessen was located an 38th and Telegraph in Oakland and later the name changed to Lucca.

Maryann Silva-Cohen: I have a little history with Banchero's. The restaurant was 2 years old when I was born. My parents used to go there with friends when I was a little kid in the '50s. As I was growing up we would go there on special occasions. My first date with my current husband was a dinner at Banchero's. How cool is that to find out that his family frequently dined there too. In 1977 we invited my family and his family to dinner at Banchero's to celebrate my birthday and announced our engagement. We had the wedding rehearsal dinner there. In 1981, Valentine's Day, my son was 2 months old, we had dinner there while my baby was asleep. We always went to Banchero's at least once a month if not twice. Four generations of my family have dined there. Banchero's was my second home dinner away from home. Now where will we find a good 5 course Italian dinner? We are greatly sad and going to miss you Banchero's. Thank you for the 61 years of great dinners!! 

Steven Tavares wrote a blog entry in which he called the restaurant's demise "the loss of precious continuity in our lives" and recalled his employment there as a dishwasher and busser. .

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Elizabeth Claussen June 08, 2012 at 02:48 PM
With a tear in my eye, and a smile on my face, I want to thank Banchero's for giving me some of the fondest memories I have of my family gathering together to celebrate. As a child I remember making sure I would be seated right next to my Grandma. When the garlic bread, soup and relish tray showed up I was in heaven. I always got the extra salami. I think it's the only time I would eat anchovies. I can remember wondering, what was a Scaloni and why was my aunt ordering it? Would my uncle ever order anything other than Spaghetti and Meatballs? Why don't all restaurants serve Spumoni ice cream? On the drive home it was guaranteed that my brother and I would sneak a ravioli or two out of the bag along with the extra loaf of garlic bread we would order before leaving!! As an adult my memories are still the same. My daughter and I try to get to the seat next to my Grandma before the other one can. I still get excited when the garlic bread and soup show up and UB is still ordering Spaghetti and Meatballs. You better believe mom is sneaking some ravioli on the way home!! San Diego is a long way from Hayward but every effort was made to visit Banchero's when we were in town. Owners in their white shirts and black ties: classic Soup and garlic bread: delicious My daughter's first Shirley Temple: took a picture Laughing with my family over a delicious meal made with love: PRICELESS!!! THANK YOU BANCHERO"S!!!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!
Bob Berkins June 09, 2012 at 03:58 AM
banchero's was a horrible restuarant it will not be missed at all I hated it it was disgusting the food was horrible as well as the service nasty place
Michelle F June 09, 2012 at 04:54 AM
....hankering now for the breast of turkey cutlets....who even makes those anymore? Does anyone know of any other family-style italian restaurant that is similar to this lost gem?
Lisa June 15, 2012 at 04:00 AM
This was a regular dinner place for the girl's night out when I was in my 20's. It was a great place to go for an inexpensive filling meal with cheap drinks! Plus you had tons of food leftover to take home. And that famous bar, a well drink was something lke a $1.80, glass of wine was about $2. A carafe was not much more...ahhh the 80's!
Lisa June 15, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Gosh, I completely forgot, the famous scalone on the menu and the old waitresses that would stuff their tip money inside their bras!
Joe Geranio February 23, 2013 at 05:36 AM
I had so many great memories at this place, it is so sad to see it close, loved the veal and raviolis and garlic bread along with my Roy Rogers drink in the 60's!!! Miss it. Joe Geranio


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