Boys and Girls Club Carnival Celebrates End of Summer

The Hillside Boys and Girls Summer Camp carnival was bittersweet for most kids—saying goodbye to friends all while enjoying one of the funnest days of the summer.

For the 150 kids part of the Hillside Boys and Girls Summer Camp, this summer was by far one of the best.

The Hillside Boys and Girls Summer Camp is an extension of the Boys and Girls Club of San Leandro. Among its school sites, the Hillside Boys and Girls Summer Camp had the most kids ever this summer. 

During the past six weeks, they made close friends, all while learning an array of subjects in academics and sports at the Hillside Elementary School site.

Each week, they would rotate among five academic classes—math, art, computer tech, literacy, and health and science. However, the directors didn't just want the kids to remain academically active over summer.

Football, mixed martial arts, soccer, basketball and dance were offered in the afternoons to give kids a boost of endorphins. They got to pick two sports that they wanted to learn and participate in.

Their summer ended with a giant carnival filled with food, games, activities, and bouncy houses on Thursday afternoon. However, the one thing many weren't looking forward to were the "goodbyes" to camp directors and the close friends made over summer.

Kids got to experience these daily activities, along with field trips and lunch for $250 for the summer.

Check out the video to see what made this program a hit among kids, parents, camp directors and staff.


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