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Getting Started Couponing; Where to Find Coupons Series Part 4 of 5 — Finding Coupons in Unexpected Places

The Hayward Coupon Queen takes us through a 5-part series on how to find coupons. In part 4 of the series, finding coupons in unexpected places is the focus.

You need coupons to start! There are many different ways to get/find coupons.

In the first part of this series, ; in the second part of the series, ; in the third part of the series,  and in the fourth part of the series we will discuss the unexpected places you might find coupons.

You can absolutely find coupons anywhere and everywhere. I find them all the time while I am walking from my car to the store and vice versa. Shoppers tend to toss to the ground the extra papers they receive with their receipts. Sometimes you will even find a money-saving Catalina coupon that could be worth $1 or even $5 off your next shopping order! Always be on the lookout for coupons, because they can creep up on you in unexpected places.

I recently found this article as part of a recent  All You Magazine email newsletter. I have expanded on the list and hope you will find it useful.

Unexpected Places to Find Coupons:

  1. At the grocery store. Check the bulletin board at the supermarket— some shoppers will pin up unwanted coupons. Also look on the store’s shelves, where bargain seekers sometimes leave unused coupons near corresponding items (this is know as the "Coupon Fairy" and I myself have been known to leave coupons behind for other shoppers). And of course, as I mentioned above, make sure you check the ground when you are walking to/from the store as other shoppers often just toss them.
  2. At the doctor or dentist. You can find deals on baby supplies at the pediatrician’s office and coupons for toothpaste and other oral care products at the dentist. Don’t see any in the waiting room? Just ask a nurse or dental assistant. I haven't asked my dentist yet (haven't had a recent visit), but from what I've heard, these coupons are very high in value and often have very little restrictions.
  3. At the coffee shop. Some areas have Local Weekly Papers that often contain coupon inserts and are either free or cheap (about 50 cents a pop!). Also, look for them by the register. You can also check coffee shops as lots of times people buy the Sunday paper on the way in, but leave it behind for other readers — this is a great way to get extra inserts!
  4. At the library. Check to see if there’s a box where community members exchange coupons. If your library does not provide this service, ask if you can start one. You could also try this idea in the break room at your workplace.
  5. At the gas station. Sports drink and snack coupons are frequently posted on the refrigerator doors. Tear them off and redeem at the supermarket or other stores. I also ask the cashier because a lot of times, the owners of these small stations don't like to put them up to be used and will often throw them out! 
  6. At a restaurant. When you’re eating out (or getting takeout), ask the hostess or cashier about discounts such as coupons delivered via text message.
  7. At home. Some manufacturers will send you coupons when you sign up to test new products (you might have to complete a survey or two). A few to try: Kraft First Taste (kraftfirsttaste.com), General Mills Pssst… (pssst.generalmills.com) and Kashi Community (kashi.com/account/new). 
  8. In the mail. When you receive an item you ordered online or from a catalog, look for coupons in the envelope or box. Also, if you you write to a company (via email or snail mail), often times they will send you coupons in exchange for the compliment or issue. If I have an issue with a product (like a recently-exploded Sprite can), I email the manufacturer so they are aware of the problem. Nine times out of 10, they will send you a response with a coupon or two!
  9. In Magazines. Many different magazines offer coupons from time to time in their issues. I've seen them in "O," the Oprah Magazine and "Better Homes and Gardens" among others. The best by far, however, is the "All You Magazine " which is geared towards couponers and saving money. Every month, they have a ton of coupons and it is always prominently noted on the cover how much savings-worth of coupons are included! Head on over here for a reduced monthly subscription of only $1/month!
  10. eBay. While some people don't agree with buying coupons, you can definitely find a ton for sale on eBay . I myself even sell some of my unwanted ones here. You can buy them in lots of 100 various coupons or you can buy multiples of the same coupon. I have also purchased them on eBay and find it to be a great resource.
  11. Coupon Clipping Services. There are a lot of coupon clipping resources out there. This is similar to eBay but you can pick and choose what coupons you want and how many. Prices vary from each resource so make sure to check a few out before you commit to buying from one. Simply Google "Coupon clipping services" and you should get a ton of options
  12. Manufacturer Websites. Check the manufacturers websites for your favorite products as they may have a link to print coupons right off their website!
  13. Other Websites. I have found a place where I can earn coupons for taking quizzes and other random activities. Check out Recyclebank where you earn points and can use those points to purchase coupons from their sponsors like Ziploc and Q-Tip. I have also come across SwagBucks where you can print coupons (among other things) and then earn points (for gift cards and other prizes) when you redeem those coupons.


I am always on the lookout for unexpected places where I can find coupons. What other unexpected places/ways have you found coupons? We'd all love to know!

Stay tuned for next week's last post in this series, where we will discuss the last place to find coupons!

~Hayward Coupon Queen Helping you save money, ‘cause every penny counts!

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