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How San Leandro police tracked down the suspects in the Walmart Black Friday shooting and other top stories

The San Leandro Police Department had a great week, collaring the three remaining at-large suspects in the Walmart Black Friday shooting that had put the city in an unwelcome spotlight.

I'll touch briefly on other top stories but this week's arrests in the Walmart shooting are a boost for a department that is still struggling to solve the at the beginning of October.

What made the difference in the Walmart case?

Well, to begin with police started off with one person in custody on Black Friday when the victims of the attempted robbery placed 20-year-old suspect under citizen's arrest.

Although police caution citizens against confronting robbers, having Phillips in custody gave investigators an edge.

Police Department spokesman Sgt. Ted Henderson said Phillips did not name the other suspects. But he did give police nicknames: "B" for Detwone Watson, the 29-year-old Oakland man who is suspected of shooting San Lorenzo resident Christopher Murillo in the neck; JR or Junior, for Queron Foreman, the 18-year-old Oaklander ; and Nunu for the 16-year-old Oakland youth who police have questioned and released.

Thursday after he was cornered in his mother's home was dramatic.

Henderson said the tip as to Watson's whereabouts came out of the blue. Since his arrest, Watson has given police statements that put him at the scene of the crime, Henderson said, although the suspect stopped short of a confession.

Henderson said police have not yet decided what actions to pursue against the 16-year-old believed to be the fourth party in the attempted robbery.

Nor do police yet know what brought these four suspects together on Black Friday.

Still, police are confident they have a good case to bring to prosecutors and the courts.

In other top stories.

  • The Lucky supermarket on Fairmont Drive became the 24th in that chain that is known to have been hit by a .
  • San Leandro police officer Josh Brum pulled a woman off the tracks just moments before she would have been hit by an Amtrak train, .
  • A 760-pound, at a scrap yard in San Leandro but it fortunately proved to be inert.
  • And San Leandro lost one of its most beloved citizens when shortly after turning 100.


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