Poll: How Do You Feel About Big Banks?

On Saturday, protests in San Leandro and across the nation targeted big banks. How do you feel?

Some Americans, fed up with rising bank fees, are transferring their accounts to credit unions or small banks.

Others, angry about the role big banks played in the financial crisis, have taken to the streets to support the Occupy movement.

As the Huffington Post has reported these two different types of anger came together Saturday in what supporters called National Bank Transfer Day.

The movement was started a month ago on a Facebook page. It urges people to move their money from big banks to credit unions or small banks.

At 1st United Credit Union on Bancroft Avenue, branch manager Tess Bermudez said she's seen a surge in memberships all month that she believes is driven by the tranfer movement.

San Leandro resident Eric Robertson opened an account at 1st United on Saturday.

"I like credit unions because they're non-profit and they don't have to make money like banks, so they can do more for their members," he said.

Robertson also marched Saturday morning outside the Chase branch on East 14th Street in a protest organized by the Make Wall Street Pay movement.

Robertson embodies both approaches to cutting big banks down to size -- switching his accounts and taking to the streets.

How about you? Are you reasonably satisfied with the status quo or do you think it's time to take big banks down a peg? And, if so, what actions would you take?

Tonto November 06, 2011 at 09:19 PM
The jails are already full of bank robbers :)
Jim November 12, 2011 at 03:28 PM
I cut up my Citibank cards. &Amex last weekend! I only use credit unions!


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