Eyewitness Describes Raid That Closed San Leandro Medical Clinic

A patron at Shooters Bar who lives across the street from ASAP, the clinic in question, saw the whole thing.


County and state officials announced Wednesday that they'd shut down a clinic on 150th Avenue in San Leandro over allegations of medical and insurance fraud.

Anyone who’s driven on that busy street to or from Interstate 580 has seen the signs for ASAP -- the medical clinic under investigation -- and the Better Bodies fat loss clinic that sits next door.

Better Bodies wasn’t named in the complaint but its building was also shut down by legal order, so there’ll be no more laser removal of flab done there, at least for now.

The legal actions were only announced yesterday but patrons at Shooters Bar down the block said the actual shut down occured weeks earlier. 

“I watched the whole thing from my window,” said Dan Altergott, who is staying at the apartment complex directly across from the two clinics.

He can’t remember exactly when it occurred but he does recall that, one day, at least 20 law enforcement officials – uniformed sheriffs deputies and a variety of folks in plainclothes – descended on the two offices.

“They blocked off part of 150th for a while,” Altergott recalled. 

The raiders came out of the offices carrying many boxes that looked to him like they were full of papers. But he couldn’t be sure.

He didn’t see anyone come out in handcuffs. 

“There was no shooting or anything so I got bored and went back to watching The Price Is Right,” Altercott said.

(Read more about the shut down on Patch.)


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