City Balances Budget But Leaner Years Ahead

Mayor Cassidy: "The City is facing serious budget deficits in future years."


On June 4, the San Leandro City Council unanimously adopted a balanced budget for the fiscal year that begins on July 1, 2012 and ends June 30, 2013.

It calls for $119,454,751 in total spending. 

City officials said this is the second consecutive year that the budget has been balanced without using one-time funds to pay for recurring expenses

But Mayor Stephen Cassidy said next year's budget will be more challenging.

"The City is facing serious budget deficits in future years," he said.

City Manager Chris Zapata said the budget adds $600,000 to reserve funds and allocates $542,000 in one-time revenues to help maintain city buildings and facilities.  

The entire budget is available at the Main Library and will be on the City website. City Finance Director David Baum provided a presentation of the City Manager's proposed budget, which is substantially the same as the budget adopted by the Council. A copy is attached as a PDF.

A few facts from the presentation:

  • Nearly six out of every 10 dollars of general fund expenditures goes to police and fire;
  • The number of city employees has fallen from 500 to 407 in the last four years;
  • Sales taxes are the single most important source of city revenues but even with the Measure Z increase, the take is barely even with what it was six years ago.

The new budget also provides for (see page four of attached PDF for details):

  • Purchase of new software for crime analysis and information sharing for the Police Department; 
  • Restoration of funding for tours of the San Leandro Art and History Museum by public and private school children; 
  • Funding provided to the San Leandro Unified School District for a gang prevention specialist; 
  • Supplemental grant to Building Futures with Women and Children to cover a shortfall and continue operations of the San Leandro shelter for homeless women and children; 
  • Restoration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Holiday celebration; 
  • Matching funding for Library Book Collection and Literacy Program.

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tony santos June 08, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Worry about the present, noto the future. Fact is if it weren't for 2006 council and 2010 council budget would not be balanced and if voters had listened to cassidy, city would facing 2-3 million dollar shortfall. cassidy opposed measure z. when is he going to apologize for this transgression?
Fran June 08, 2012 at 08:27 PM
That's something we may never know Tony. They could be higher for all we know. How do we know tax dollars were not decreased due to shoppers taking their taxable purchases elsewhere? Why would Mayor Cassidy apologize for being against such a regressive tax measure?
David June 08, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Fact is the City Council and you worked as hard as you could to set Mayor Cassidy up for failure by signing a 2 year contract early in order to prevent him from trying to negotiate much-needed pension contribution increases from city employees. When are you going to own up to the fact that you worked as hard as possible to raise our taxes AND screw the city's finances over because you couldn't be bothered to get police etc to pay their fair share, and in your vindictiveness toward Cassidy?


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