BART Says Heat Plays Havoc With Trains, Riders

System tries to keep up with soaring temperatures and rising tempers.


With today turning out to be another scorcher, BART is asking riders to remain cooperative to keep their cool even as it admits that its equiment leaves a bit to be desired.

"The heat can wreak havoc with the air conditioning units on some of our train cars," BART Chief Mechanical Officer Tamar Allen said in a release issued today.

Allen said BART is moving as quickly as it can to upgrade air conditioning units but it may be two years before all of its cars are up to the state of the art.

Meanwhile the system offers these coping tips:

  • If you're on a car that seems to have no air conditioning, use the intercoms on either end of the car to let the train operator know so the problem can be reported for maintenance attention (the car number is located at either end of the car above the door). 
  • Try moving to another car. Climate control is separate in each car, so you may find greater comfort one car over.
  • Don't hold doors open; this can damage the equipment and cause delays.
  • Move to the center of the car so others can board, and clear the seats intended for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • If you have an important connection to make -- such as an airline flight -- consider taking an earlier-than-normal train to build in extra time in case of heat-related delays.

If all else fails, be patient.

"Forecasters predict that the Bay Area should be back to cooler conditions by this weekend," BART said. 

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Ken Briggs October 04, 2012 at 04:56 AM
so when is the NEW CARS going to be around ?
Marvin Colon October 04, 2012 at 07:05 AM
In the year TBD.. LOL
srl99 October 04, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Let's take the AC out of the fleet of cars the BART exec's are using. Does anyone else think it's wrong that BART stations have several reserved parking for the station personnel? Shouldn't you use your own product?


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