Teen Killers Had Lunch In Between Strangling, Burning Barbara Latiolais, Detectives Say

Teen suspects Christian Birdsall, 16, and Cody Nicosia, 18, have reportedly cooperated with sheriff's investigators in providing details of a robbery that was an inside job.

Alameda County Sheriff’s laid out in cold detail Friday how they say Christian Birdsall, 16, and Cody Nicosia, 18, plotted to rob Barbara Latiolais and then strangled her and burned her body -- pausing between those two acts to have lunch.

“I’ve been doing this 29 years and this is the most callous crime I’ve been associated with,” said Sgt. Dave Dickson, who led the briefing with reporters Friday. 

Dickson said the teens were arrested Thursday and will be tried as adults. He said the pair have spelled out how they carried out the robbery, murder and arson that left Latiolais dead and burned beyond recognition is her home on Oct. 17th.

Inside job

According to police, Birdsall and Nicosia were roommates living in Hayward with Nicosia’s father. Birdsall was distantly connected to Michael Rice, 60, who was Latiolais’s long-time partner. Rice and Latiolais shared the house on 2431 San Carlos Ave. where the crimes occurred.

Police say it all began when Rice hired Birdsall to do some yard work at the house. In the course of that work,  the teen expressed interest in joining the Marines. Rice, who owned several handguns and rifles, promised to take the young man shooting when he returned from a trip.

It was these two facts – that there were guns in the house and that Rice was out of town – that led the teens to plan a robbery that turned into a murder and arson, detectives said.

Suspects Cooperate With Police

Many of the details detectives shared emerged from post-arrest interviews with the suspects.

“We don’t use the term ‘confession’,” Dickson said. “Both subjects were cooperative with detectives.”

Dickson said on Oct. 17 the two teens walked to the house and hid on the property from about 8 a.m. until noon, waiting for Latiolais to go out so they could carry out the robbery. 

When she failed to depart they created a new plan, Dickson said. Some time between noon and 1 p.m., Birdsall knocked at the door and told Latiolais that he was there to do some more yard work. Once inside he opened the back door and let in Nocosia.

Dickson said Nicosia got Latiolais in a choke hold that rendered her unconscious without killing her, at which point the duo began stealing guns, jewelry and money.

In the course of these thefts, Latiolais began making sounds as she slowly regained consciousness. Hearing her, the teens then got a rope, put it around her neck and strangled her together, detectives said.

“Why two teenagers would do something like this is beyond imagining,” said Sheriff’s department spokesman J.D. Nelson. “A woman in the sanctity of her own house, violated by someone she knows and trusts.” 

The strangling occurred within 20 minutes of the two men entering the house, but they lingered there until about 5 p.m., when they left with more than seven guns and at least $800 of cash apiece, detectives said.

Stopping for lunch.

The suspects, who had walked to the house, drove away in the 2006 black Volvo SUV that belonged to Rice and Latiolais, police said. 

They then had a late lunch in Castro Valley – investigators did not say where – and drove to the Pleasanton area.

Around 10 p.m., detectives said the killers returned to the house on San Carlos Avenue. The soaked the victim’s body with gasoline and set her and the house ablaze. They left the house about midnight that night. 

Firefighters responded to the blaze in the wee hours of Thursday morning, discovered the body and set the investigation into motion.

School the next day.

On Thursday, detectives say Birdsall drove the stolen SUV to Castro Valley’s Redwood Continuation School, where he was a student. In between classes he ditched the vehicle up the road slightly at the end of Brookdale Drive.

Detectives got a big break when a witness in the vicinity noticed Birdsall and gave police a description. A suspect sketch was issued to the press Tuesday.

Detectives say after that sketch was released one of Birdsall’s relatives called to say they thought it was him.

Detectives arrested Birdsall and also got a warrant to search the home on Rex Road in Hayward where the 16-year-old was living with Nicosia and Nicosia’s dad. 

Dickson said that when detectives came to the home Thursday to question Nicoscia, the teen’s father told him to come clean if he had done anything wrong. 

At that point, Dickson said that Nocosia looked at his father and said, “We killed someone.”

Detectives said the motive for the crime was the guns and money that Birdsall knew to be in the house. The suspects told detectives where to find seven guns buried at Carlos Bee Park.

Because of the nature of the crimes, the District Attorney has told lead investigator Lt. Colby Staysa that Birdsall will be tried as an adult. 

“This is the kind of case that fears and nightmares are made of,” Sgt. Nelson said Friday.

Parisia December 24, 2012 at 02:57 AM
They are EVIL! Don't blame it on drugs or mental illness...simply put, they are CALLOUS, EVIL & DERANGED. They might have been sweet to you and few people in their circle but they clearly showed their true colors when they took Barbara's life. Your comment is quite erratic because you won't be uttering such rubbish if the victim was your loved one. I hope what happened to Barbara won't happen to you or your loved one because you'll be singing a brand new tune altogether.
Parisia December 24, 2012 at 03:02 AM
I looked on both sides and all I see are two evil animals who took another person's life. If your loved one was the victim, would your outlook on this issue be the same? Of course, prior to this they were "normal teenagers" but did you stop to think that they were masterminds who conned everyone including their loved ones with their charming sweet 16 normal teenager personas? Normal teenagers do not just up and take a life especially in such a heinous manner. This is something that have been in the making for a while but they had those around them fooled with their pretense, so nobody looked beneath to see the monsters in them.
Shawnee Swar December 24, 2012 at 03:14 AM
I'm so sorry for your familes loss, this is a horrible and senseless crime. RIP Barbara
Shawnee Swar December 24, 2012 at 03:16 AM
It sounds like Cody and Birdsall had two sides to their personality, together they were a lethal combination that led to a tragic ending. Thoughts and prayers to Barb's family.
Anne January 18, 2013 at 01:18 AM
So sorry for your families loss, and for the people whom now must realize two boys they knew, made dumb decisions which ended a human life, left and thought about things, then returned to torch their actions. I mean I would be in shock as well. Its easy to try and write off an excuse for them using drugs and mental disorders, but if this is the case, then why didnt all you people who stand by these boys notice these signs and correct it before this happened? Im really not surprised, as I watch Investigative Discovery Channel (271), which lets me see all the crazyness surrounding us daily.


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