Suspected Car Thieves Hit And Run In Broadmoor

Neighbors say police have apprehended those suspected of a hit and run on a bicyclist and other mishaps that resulted in at least three cars being damaged Sunday evening.


(Via the Broadmoor neighborhood email list.)

At just after 8pm we heard a vehicle going to fast smash into the dip at Kenilworth and Broadmoor (a frequent sound which always makes us laugh). This time, though, it was immediately followed by two more smashing sounds.

From bits and pieces from my brother-in-law who raced to the corner and got pictures and neighbors who came out, with tidbits from the police who came...

It turns out that a white Toyota Tercel (I think that is what it was) had been stolen, was going too fast and was followed too closely by an older model white van with funky '70s style reddish stripes.

The stolen white Toyota was the first to bottom out on the dip, then the van, following too closely, hit the Toyota and then the dip, then smashed into a white car parked along side the road which was pushed into the SUV in front of it.

The guys in the stolen car jumped out and got in the van, leaving the Toyota behind in the middle of the road with the car running.

The van backed up on Kenilworth and then went down Broadmoor, turning right (toward Oakland) onto Bancroft, making scraping noises and dripping anti-freeze the entire way.

Prior to this it sounds like one of them side swiped (could you call it that?) a bicyclist and that person got basically thrown/pushed off the road. Hopefully that person is OK - it sounded like they were.

Thanks to fast calls to the San Leandro Police Department and fast action on the part of the SLPD the guys in the van were caught and the owner of the white Toyota Tercel was contacted and told that their car had been stolen and crashed.

It is a terrible shame for the person on the bike, the person whose white Toyota was stolen, and our poor neighbor who owns the parked/smashed white car *and* the SUV it was pushed into. But the good news is that the guys who did all of this are already in custody.

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