Suspect Arrested In Bank Robbery Spree

An eight-month investigation involving the FBI has led San Leandro police to arrest an Oakland man suspected of 11 bank jobs.


An eight-month investigation by San Leandro police has ended with the arrest of 35-year-old Deron Williams, an Oakland man suspected of robbing, or trying to rob, 11 banks in different Bay Area cities, including one local bank last fall.

A press release issued Friday by San Leandro police said Williams was apprehended Tuesday on the 4100 Block of MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland.

On Thursday the suspect was formally charged by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office with several counts of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal possession of a firearm, vehicle theft and other charges. 

San Leandro got involved in the case on October, 5, 2011, when a man, now thought to be Williams, robbed the Bank of the West at 15075 Farnsworth Street in San Leandro.  

San Leandro police say they obtained DNA evidence that allegedly links Williams to that robbery.

On April 12, Williams is suspected of attempting to rob another bank in Hayward but that effort was foiled by police.

San Leandro police say officers in Hayward also found evidence allegedly linking Williams to that crime.

During the robberies, the suspect wore a sophisticated, full face mask giving him the appearance of an elderly white man, police said.

Earlier this week detectives from San Leandro say they located Williams and got an assist from Oakland police in arresting the suspect without incident.

Warrants to search Williams’ residences in Oakland and Hayward turned up additional evidence allegedly implicating him in multiple bank robberies. 

Police say they also located a stolen van that Williams is thought to have used during some of the robberies. Police say the suspect was armed in a majority of the robberies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation cooperated in the Bay Area wide investigation that was cracked by SLPD.

“A collaboration of resources, thorough investigative work and determination led to the arrest," San Leandro Police Department spokesman Lt. Jeff Tudor said in a statement.

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Michael Allen June 01, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Hey Marga- Maybe he didn't INTEND to steal the car, just borrow it? How dare they add GTA to those charges, law enforcement and the DA can't know intent... right?? Maybe he was road-testing it before taking all that cash out to buy one of his own? LOL couldn't resist. ;) Happy Friday everyone, stay safe this weekend. And nice pinch for multiple agencies.
Ken Briggs June 01, 2012 at 11:57 PM
we can give him a year for each case and have him repay the money he took and he can pay interest on it .
Paul Vargas June 02, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Or maybe Marga, thinks the guy was just "borrowing" the money to buy medicine for his sick child and he intended to return it, but we shouldn't actually assume he was going to keep the money.


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