SLPD Responds to Recent Burglary Scam on Sybil Avenue

A Patcher recently spoke out about a burglary scam that occurred on Sybil Avenue, near Bancroft Avenue.

A home was burglarized on Saturday around 4 p.m.; after a man told the homeowner he was doing work on the fence of the condominium next door and needed to get into his backyard. The man insisted the homeowner come with him to the backyard. As they were outside, another man entered the house and took coins and jewelry.

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According to Lt. Randall Brandt, this scam has happened before in San Leandro but it hasn’t happened for awhile. These types of scams are common throughout the Bay Area.

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“If it’s happened in Union City and Fremont, it’s only a matter of time that it starts happening in San Leandro,” said Lt. Brandt.

In response to this incident, San Leandro Police Department has offered tips to help prevent this from happening to other homeowners in San Leandro.

“We need to educate the community before it becomes a real issue,” stated Lt. Brandt.

  • Burglars tend to target the elderly because they are more naïve.
  • Subjects who commit daytime burglaries will frequently approach a front door, knock on it or ring the doorbell, they wait to see if someone answers.  In some cases, if no one answers, these subjects will then walk around to the side or the house or backyard and forcibly enter through a door or window.
  • If someone comes to a homeowner’s front door, acknowledge that person(s) verbally through a locked door, whether it be a security screen door or the main door. If the homeowner feels something is suspicious, they should contact the authorities immediately. Certainly if a homeowner sees a stranger on the side of their house or in their backyard, they should contact the authorities immediately.
  • In the case of City employees, homeowners should be asking to see some type of identification prior to moving forward with any type of work. NEVER allow a stranger into your home unless they have previously scheduled an appointment. 
  • Don’t get caught up in a conversation with someone you feel is suspicious.
Jessica O January 28, 2014 at 02:57 PM
On Friday afternoon, 2 men rang my doorbell saying that they needed to assess my security panel for our alarm system and assure that we were on a newer panel. They said they were from the panel company and NOT the monitoring company and asked to look at it or for me to give them details. I said ours was hi-tech, new, and always on and asked them for a business card. They were not able to supply a business card because "we are not in sales, just panel maintenance." This was near Sybil and San Rafael. Unfortunately, I didn't report it to police as I should have because I was in a rush. Sorry, community, I'll do better next time!
Ken Honeycutt January 28, 2014 at 05:09 PM
How about posting the non emergency numbers or the Detective squad number for SLPD, HPD, and the Sheriff's Dept. Some people kneejerk calling 911 when not sure if it is a crime. I know these numbers are easily available. But you post it on a community board or on one of the local school signs for a week and who knows. Also, everyone should have the non emergency numbers on their cell phones. Put and capitol A and then the name so it gets filled at the top your contacts. We need to be the eyes and ears sometimes.


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