San Leandro Police Warn Residents About 'Sophisticated Phone Scams'

Police offer tips to help protect citizens from would-be scammers

Information submitted by San Leandro Police—

We would like to warn our citizens about some sophisticated phone scams that may be targeting citizens in our community.

Scam artists may call residents and leave messages stating they are employed by various government agencies.  The scam artists may threaten to have the targeted recipient (possible victim) arrested if they did not immediately respond.  These scam artists are trying to obtain identifying information or payment from the victims so they can continue funding their criminal interests.

Below is a list of common scams being utilized:

  • Scammers use fake names and identifying information.  Sometimes they falsely identify themselves as agents with legitimate information.
  • Scammers sometimes possess some of the victim's information and they may try to obtain more information including credit card numbers.
  • Scammers disguise their caller identification to display legitimate agencies even "911"
  • If the potential victim hangs up on the scammers, they may call back using a different phone number and name.  
  • Several Federal and State agencies have created tabs on their websites where citizens can educate themselves further on this issue. 

Please contact the San Leandro Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division with any information regarding this case at 510-577-3230 or contact the Anonymous Tip Line at 510-577-3278

Ken Briggs April 16, 2014 at 11:35 AM
thats a lot of help . but what did you say , ask the scammer if you can call them back , get a phone number , and do not go to western union to send money for you are dumb and stupid . do not give out c c numbers . tell them you will have to call them back and get them to tell you where they are at .


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