San Leandro Police Officials Say Crime Stats Show Violent Crime is Down 24 Percent

Department's top cop says the crime statistics are promising.

Community Message from San Leandro Police—

Our organization continues to introduce innovative ways to reduce crime within our community.  We have applied a mulit-faceted approach to assist us in our crime fighting efforts.  We identify crime trends that are identified through crime analysis and we use crime prevention, crime education and enforcement to assist us in these efforts.  The following statistical data was gathered capturing the past several of month's activity.   

Over the last year, SLPD has made significant strides in violent crime, specifically robberies. Overall violent crime is down 24% from the same time period last year. Burglaries also are on the decline. Commercial burglaries are down 54% and residential burglaries are down 38% from the same time period last year. Vehicle theft continues to be a problem locally, and a regional trend.

Chief Sandra Spagnoli stated, "Overall, the crime statistics are promising and an indicator that the department's United for Safety community outreach campaign, crime prevention, crime analysis/technology and strategic policing efforts are making an impact on crime. Policing is a partnership, and we are fortunate to have many partners in San Leandro."

San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy stated, "The officers, dispatchers and other employees of our police department are dedicated professionals.  I congratulate them on the progress that has been made in reducing burglaries, robberies and violent crime. We know that the safety of our community depends upon our residents looking out for each other and promptly reporting suspicious activity.  I also thank our residents for being partners with the police department in keeping San Leandro safe."


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