Police Say Man Clobbered Co-Worker With Bat Then Fled

Police seek Esteban Zamora, 20, of Oakland for attempted homicide for allegedly hitting a co-worker with a baseball ball during an argument in San Leandro.


San Leandro police are seeking a 20-year-old Oakland man who allegedly hit a co-worker in the head with a baseball bat and then kicked him with steel-toed boots in a work-related argument that led to what police are calling attempted homicide.

The suspect being sough is Esteban Zamora. The alleged altercation occurred Wednesday at about 9:30 am on the 1000 block of Doolittle Drive.

According to a press release, witnesses told police who arrived at the scene that the victim, a man in his 20s, had left for the hospital. Police say the victim had serious head injuries.

The suspect had fled the scene prior to officers' arrival.

Based on witness statements, officers determined that the two men were employees who got into an argument that escalated.

According to the police account, the suspect allegedly armed himself with a bat and repeatedly struck the victim over the head and kicked him in the head with his steel toed boots.

No other details are available at this time. This story will be updated.

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Thomas Clarke July 20, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Hopefully our elected representatives will wise up and realize how dangerous steel toed boots and baseball bats are. Untold hundreds of people are crippled by steel toed boots every year. Children and adults are injured repeatedly by baseball bats inlcuding aluminum as well as maple and ash. Access to dangerous and crippling footwear should be restricted to licensed dealers and only sold to adults who pass a screening test for appropriately fitted and worn steel toed boots. The manufacturers of this dangerous footwear must be held to account for the danger presented by the wearers of the boots. Baseball bats and their inherent danger have long been known. It is time to get bats out of the hands of children, subadults and untrained people as well as all those who have demonstrated rage, anger or a disagreement. These must be pulled from ready access and only sold to those who have a card allowing their medical use.
Marga Lacabe July 20, 2012 at 08:00 AM
Thomas, if your elected representatives believed steel toed boots and baseball bats were dangerous, surely they'd want to ban laced-up boots and ping-pong paddles. I mean, if the dangers of alcohol justify banning marijuana dispensaries, and a shooting at a parking lot outside an illegal party at a warehouse means we should require restaurants to get Police approval to host a soprano - why should the danger of steel toed boots be addressed more directly?
Deborah White July 20, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Hopefully Thomas Clarke isn't an elected representative. Give me a break, ban steel toe boots because an idiot used them to harm someone, puuulllezzzzze, that's ridiculous and so is banning the sale of baseball bats. Like the guy couldn't have taken the bat from someone unknown and used it on another person, so we should ban the sale of bats. Sorry I might happen to need one someday to use as a weapon, cause I am a girl and it could come in handy if the right or wrong person trys to harm me.
Thomas Clarke July 21, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Marga and Deborah, do either of you recognize satire when you read it? You must be fun to talk to in a relaxed manner. Chill. It was a joke, Almost as funny as when the local legislators in Marin banned aluminum bats and Leland Yee decided to ban all firearms. Pretty soon someone will try to convince us that women should vote and own property and that it is a crime to beat your kids and that smoking is bad for you and there would be few accidents if there were few people on the road when you drive drunk, Worse than that will be the time that unelected officials, like a city manager, will decide the future of a community based on secret discussions with unelected union representatives. What a shame that would be. Or a convicted thief will run for supervisor replacing a convicted drunk and meth head married to a political heavyweight with more money than good sense. Nah, never happen. Sad but true.
zamora Luis July 30, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Free my cuzzin. He sufferd alot on these streets of east Oakland ca . Its tough out here for a young kid to be raised. And people out their will never understand why were all stuck in the present situations that we are in.!


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