Police Report Two New Gun Incidents Near San Leandro High This Week

No guns fired and the incidents were off campus, but they follow last Friday's discovery of a gun in the backpack of a student who had been in class.

San Leandro police report two new incidents in which guns were recovered near San Leandro High School this week, and while neither incident resulted in the discharge of a firearm, they come on the heels of last week's in the backpack of a student who was on campus.

Police said the most recent incident occurred at 7:41 a.m. this morning when San Leandro High School Campus Security was called to the 13400 block of Bancroft Ave regarding a group of students smoking marijuana at the bus stop. 

When campus security contacted the students, a student attempted to flee and as he was running, he abandoned a backpack that was in his possession.

Security searched the backpack and recovered a loaded firearm, police said.  Security officers chased the student and were able to apprehend him as he tried to jump over a nearby fence. 

SLPD school resource officers arrived on scene and placed the juvenile under arrest. He was transported to Juvenile Hall after notification to a parent. The juvenile also possessed some marijuana, police said.

This morning's incident follows another case involving a weapon which occurred on Monday at 3:30 p.m, police reported.

In that case, school resource officers responded to a nearby 7-11 store at 13792 E. 14th  St. regarding reports of a subject armed with a gun. The 7-11 at the intersection of 136th and E14th St is a common gathering area for students after school. 

As officers arrived on scene, they were unable to locate a victim or suspect.

But the victim, a San Leandro High student, did contact the San Leandro Police Department and told them that he got into an argument with the suspect, who has been identified as Dashawn Garland. 

Police said they were told that Garland became upset over the victim hugging a female friend. During the argument Garland produced a firearm and pointed it at the victim, according to the police report.

Police said Garland is a former San Leandro High student. 

On the next day, Tuesday, an SLPD detective spotted Garland in the 300 block of Callan Avenue. Police said Garland attempted to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended and placed under arrest. 

Garland, who is 18 and a San Leandro resident, been charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office with assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

Marga Lacabe September 16, 2011 at 12:26 AM
Well, this answers my question of the day before. Was that an isolated incident or part of a pattern. It seems that it's the latter. Now we need to identify what the causes of this problem are and how to address them, and may finally have to start looking at how to support families and children in our community so they don't develop to deal with drugs and guns. And yes, it's our community's problem, not Oaklands, as one of the incidents here clearly shows.
Tony Farley September 18, 2011 at 04:51 AM
Please see last year's Fast for Nonviolence to see a student driven response to the increase in violence in their world. http://sanleandro.patch.com/columns/season-of-service
Jim E September 18, 2011 at 07:24 AM
As long as the young members of our community are left without positive choices, they may turn to drugs or weapons, as just one negative option. No-one wants their childs school to have to resort to cameras, searches, metal detectors or extra levels of security. But, if this is what is needed so our students feel safe, then so be it. They deserve the right to focus and succeed in school, and outside school grounds, to become proud members of soceity. San Leandro needs to make the investment into our community. Lets ask the students, what the cause of these incidents are. They have insight, as to what causes their peers, to become involved in these types of situations. Are these just a recent series of incidents, or have they been happening all along? If the latter is true, we have no time to waste. All the shootings and violence in Oakland, remind us we have to be vigilant against accepting these conditions in our city. Just the fact that these three incidents were discovered and reported, proves that an extra set of eyes, and instant response do make a difference. Everyone needs to be involved.


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