Police Bust $540,000 Pot Warehouse

Hayward man arrested for "sophisticated" growing operation in a San Leandro.


San Leandro police have arrested 50-year-old Kenneth Havneraas of Hayward on suspicion of running a growing operation out of a warehouse at 2481 Washington Avenue that produced pot with an estimated street-value of $540,000.

Police said Havneraas was arrested Tuesday afternoon on the 1900 block of Davis Street after San Leandro narcotics investigators obtained a warrant to search his his person, vehicle, residence and the warehouse.

At the warehouse detectives found 523 marijuana plants and about 7 pounds of processed marijuana. They estimate the operation had the potential to produce pot with a street values of about $540,0000.

Detectives also searched Havneraas’ residence on the 800 block of Cherry Way in Hayward where they found $68,500 in cash, three handguns and four vials of suspected anabolic steroids.

Detectives think Havneraas had been operating the illegal grow for about four months and that the money was the proceeds of past sales. 

“This operation was elaborate, highly sophisticated and produced large amounts of product and money," said Police Department spokesman Lt. Jeff Tudor. "What’s becoming all too prevalent are the weapons these individuals are possessing, making these operations extremely dangerous for law enforcement and the community.”

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Paul Vargas May 25, 2012 at 05:12 AM
He's scum?
Inside Out May 26, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Do you think this guy will get off without spending a night in jail? Just 5 years probation? Fat Chance. Cop had 6 pounds, this guy has seven. I smell a LARGE RAT in San Leandro AND Hayward courthouse.
Voice of Reason June 01, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Former (resigned while under investigation) San Leandro police narcotics / vice officer Jason Fredrickson (married) was found guilty of giving his girlfriend (a police informant) 1 pound of marijuana to sell. No time in jail. When narcotics agents are found guilty of exactly what they are arresting other people for doing they SHOULD go to jail.
donald dennis wilson August 15, 2012 at 01:06 AM
His name is Allan Havneraas grew up in Daly City, he was my brother In law for 11 years. He is also a suspected child molester. My niece say's he molested her when she was nine years old. I did some investigation of public court records and found seven cases of child molestation brought against him with no convictions.He was only charged with "Indecent Exposure to a Minor". in each case the district attorney's hands were tied because no victims pressed charges Their children have suffered enough. This is how men like Mr Havneraas get away with it for years and years. When the accusation from my neice came up i asked Allan to tell me the truth and i would help him deal with his problem, get medical help. After many hours of assuring him I would help, he finally admitted he did in fact do as my niece described. I was outraged and turned my back on him. So Mr Havneraas gets away with yet another crime against children. Now we can add marijuana growing to the list. i WOUNDER IF HE WAS GIVING IT TO MINORS AS A WAY TO CONTINUE HIS SICK URGES. I am going to contact some of the people he has effected over the years to post a commit to back up my claims. THIS IS KARMA FOR YOU ALLAN FINALLY. P.S. There are many many more situations i could discuss about this sick f----. I hope he goes to jail and the inmates find out about his pass indiscretions.
donald dennis wilson August 15, 2012 at 06:21 AM
I am sorry to say he is anything but a regular Joe.


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