Police Blotter: SLPD Made 56 Arrests Last Week

Most involved some form of traffic stop, amid a relative lull in serious crimes.


This report summarizes the police department's Daily Activity Log from Monday, March 5th through Sunday, March 11th. Click the address to be taken to a map of the crime location.

Monday, March 5th

A light day for crime. Police made four arrests. One battery and one car break-in were reported.

A disturbance at midnight on the 400 block of Ruth Court resulted in an arrest. Police took statements and collected evidence.

Police made an arrest at 4:05 pm on the 500 block of Floresta Boulevard as a result of a traffic stop.

Tuesday, March 6

Police made six arrests. Three batteries, one car break-in, two residential burglaries and an assault with a deadly weapon were reported.

The assault with a deadly weapon was reported at 1:23 pm on the 1100 block of Purdue Street. Police took reports for investigators to follow up but found no suspects at the scene.

Police made an arrest in the course of capturing a stolen vehicle at the intersection of Washington and Thornton Avenues. The bust occurred at 7:17 pm.

Wednesday, March 7

Criminal activity picked up a bit, including a robbery in broad daylight. There were four incidents of battery, and five burglaries, three of homes and two of cars. Police made seven arrests.

The robbery occurred at 3:50 pm on the 600 block of Lewelling Boulevard in the vicinity of Papa Murphy's Pizza. Police took statements and filed a report but located no suspects at the scene.

A battery was reported at 7:07 pm on the 14800 block of East 14th Street but by the time police arrive the suspects had fled.

Thursday, March 8

Police made eight arrests, the majority involving traffic incidents. Three batteries were reported. There were two car and two residential burglaries.

A home burglary was reported at 6:31 am on the 1500 block of View Drive. Police collected evidence for investigators as no suspects were on the scene.

A traffic stop at 10:10 pm on the 1900 block of Doolittle Drive resulted in an arrest, one of five such itraffic-related arrests during the day.

Friday, March 9

Police made 15 arrests, most as a result of stopping suspicious cars or pedestrians. There were five batteries. One car was burgled and three homes were robbed, including one that was occupied at the time.

The burglary of the occupied home was reported at 12:53 pm on the 1000 block of Devonshire Boulevard near Washington Manor Park. The suspects had fled by the time police arrived. Officers at the scene took statements and collected evidence for investigators to pursue.

Police stopped a car at 9:25 pm at the intersection of Marina and San Leandro Boulevards They ended up making an arrest and towing the car away.

Saturday, March 10

Police made a dozen arrests, most involving some form of traffic incident. Seven batteries and one assault were reported. Three homes and one car were burgled.

A battery was reported at 4:25 pm at the intersection of Pershing Drive and Stoakes Avenue. Police arrived on the scene in time to make an arrest.

Just before 10 pm a burglary was reported on the 800 block of Portola Drive. Police took statements and collected evidence for investigators.

Sunday, March 11

The last log entry before this report was compiled was at 7:06 pm. As of then, police had made four arrests. Four cars and one home were burgled. One assault and two batteries were reported.

Police made an arrest when responding to a disturbance that occurred at 1:51 am at the intersection of San Leandro Boulevard and West Juana Avenue.

A car beak-in was reported at 11:53 am on the 1800 block of Marina Boulevard near the busy intersection with Merced Street.

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