Plane & Tank Help Subdue Man WIth Fake Knife & Gun

Man at San Leandro Marina threatened to harm himself.


A person who turned out to be armed with a fake gun and knife prompted San Leandro police to ask a California Highway Patrol plane and a Hayward police armored car to help subdue this indivual at the Marina Friday afternoon.

A police statement said the incident began an 1:15 pm when an off-duty officer called 911 to report a man with what appeared to be a gun at the Marina's Par Course.

Because of the man's location, police could not approach safely his position so they called in the plane and armored car, the SLPD statement said.

While the heavy equipment was being deployed, the man began making suicidal threats and started cutting himself with what officers took to be a knife.

A hostage negotiator attempted to talk the man into dropping his "weapons" and when he failed to comply, officers used less-than lethal force to subdue him, police said.

San Leandro police Lieutenant Luis Torres said the officers used the right equipment and tactics to "disarm this individual and get him the help he needed" without risk to themselves or anyone getting hurt.

The man was not identified.

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Ken Briggs September 29, 2012 at 09:16 PM
so what did this cost the city ? isthe man o k now ? what happen to him ? whats the full story ?


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