Gang Members Caught 'Sticky Handed' For Spray Painting

A pair of 18-year-old San Leandro residents are suspected of tagging 17 locations with Norteno gang signs.


Two suspected vandals were caught "sticky handed" Tuesday after a tip from an off-duty officer led police to a silver Cadillac where two men, thought to be gang members, were found with spray paint cans and residue on one of their hands.

In custody and charged with felony vandalism are Sebastian Arredonda and Jeremy Priddy, both 18 year old San Leandro residents.

Police say they are members of a Norteno street gang, which leads to an added charge of committing a felonious crime while being part of a criminal gang.

According to police the incident began at 1 am Tuesday when an off-duty San Leandro police office saw two men spray painting gang graffiti on the pillars of the BART tracks. The off duty officer called in a description of their vehicle, a silver Cadillac. 

About 45 minutes later, an on-duty officer spotted a vehicle matching that description on the 1600 block of Gardner Boulevard. The officer found the suspects sitting inside the Cadillar, and saw spray paint cans as well as paint on Arredondas’ hands. Priddy had a small amount of marijuana, police said.  

Both men were placed under arrest.

Officers have located about 17 places along Williams and Davis Streets where the two men are suspected of spray painting signs for a Norteno street gang.

but they have been relatively inactive of late, police say.

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Mike May 30, 2012 at 09:31 PM
The police should tag these idiots with paint, tagging is one of the stupidest and ugliest vandalisms out there.
Ken Briggs June 01, 2012 at 12:44 AM
lets, hope the courts and the judge make them repaint the whole wall or walls and they pay for the paint and give them a year in jail and no contacts with no one put all gang menbers in one cell .
Lisa June 15, 2012 at 03:50 AM
The entire corridor on San Leandro St starting right at the Oakland border is filled with grafitti. All the large BART columns, plus any and every wall, fence and business is tagged, even that underpass drive that divides OAK/SL, and I'm guessing it must happens on a nightly basis. I keep waiting to hear a report about someone getting run over in the underpass during the night. My work has to repaint the outside walls on a very very regular basis. I see the BART columns repainted every month. The next morning they are tagged again. It's sad, and just yucky to look at. I have to wonder, do the gang members go back and look at their garbage graffiti like it's a piece of art in a museum? Oh, wait...before anyone disagrees with me accusing gang members of all or most of the graffiti, go drive SL St in Oakland and look at the graffiti, it IS markings of the Norteno gang and another gang I can't quite make out.


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