MythBusters Will Resume Filming Sans Cannonballs

The popular science show will not conduct experiments with spherical projectiles.


Submitted by: Dublin Police Services

The television series, MythBusters, will resume filming occasional experiments at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Training Center in Dublin, Calif., following the December 2011 cannonball incident.

Under an agreement between the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and Beyond Productions, the company that produces the popular science show, the MythBusters team will no longer conduct cannonball experiments.

The producers have agreed tol only film scenes involving the use of the firing range, vehicle track, explosives detonation area and other routine activities.

“We are confident that the proposed changes to our long-standing partnership will address the concerns raised by members of the Dublin community," said Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern.

MythBusters is expected to return back to the Training Center in late summer where they will sporadically film parts of their 10th season.

“We take the safety of our experiments very seriously,” said Dan Tapster, Executive Producer of MythBusters. “We believe that the changes we are making  . . . will reassure the Dublin community of our commitment to safety.”

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Michael Allen June 29, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Mythbusters gets kids (and adults... ok mostly adults that are kids at heart like me) interested in thinking WAY outside the box. It's good TV, no glorification of violence, it's great stuff! For all the attention and good press they bring to the bay area, perhaps the best thing to do is let them fund the building of a safe range area for cannonballs? If that's what they want, professionally design a catch-area for this type of munition. Jamie, Adam, beat to quarters, run out the cannons, give em' a broadside, arrrrrrrrgghhhhh!


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