Marijuana Cultivation Suspects Arrested

Three suspects allegedly involved in two separate marijuana cultivation businesses were arrested in San Leandro earlier this month.

Released by San Leandro Police:

On July 15, around 8:20 a.m., San Leandro Police Department Officers responded to a possible burglary at 649 143rd Ave. — a commercial complex that shares the neighborhood with single family homes and apartment complexes.

When officers arrived at the scene to investigate the burglary, they found a door to the business was broken apart, indicating that a burlary occurred. Officers checked the business for any suspects and they discovered the business was being used for marijuana cultivation.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the location and they discovered 145 marijuana plants were being grown and 84 grams of processed marijuana was recovered.

Two subjects arrived at the business during the investigation and they were determined to be involved. The subjects — Kyung Hall and Joseph hall — were arrested for marijuana cultivation.

The investigation lead to a second address at 2001 Manchester Road in unincorporated San Leandro and there was another search warrant obtained for it. Detectives served the warrant and they discovered 106 marijuana plants were being grown at the Manchester Address.

They recovered 19 pounds of processed marijuana and $9,845 in cash. Sunny Kim was determined to be involved and she was arrested at the scene.

"These illegal marijuana cultivation locations are commonly discovered in residential neighborhoods where children play and people frequent," said Lt. Randall Brandt. "Our agency has recovered numerous firearms at similar cultivation houses. Neighbors should report houses they suspect of this to the authorities immediately."

This is an ongoing investigation and more information may be released as it develops.

Summer Hemphill July 27, 2012 at 02:05 PM
This can only mean one thing,that there is an incredible unfullfilled demand for marijuana in San Leandro ! After all people wouldn't be growing all this marijuana if someone wasn't smoking it,that's why it's California's number one cash crop ! It's now estimated that as much as 10% of California's electricity may be used to grow marijuana indoors & hundreds of thousands of outdoor plants are destroyed annually by law enforcement ! It's all a matter of supply & demand & judging by the enormity of the small fraction of marijuana that's actually found by the cops,there must be an extraordinary demand ! The only conclusion one can draw from this information is that millions of Californians are smoking alot of marijuana everyday & someone will always be willing to risk their freedom to fill their insatiable appetites ! Instead of wasting tax money enforcing archaic marijuana laws the government should regulate & tax marijuana like alcohol & tobacco ! There is something inherently wrong with laws that turn millions of your otherwise law-abiding neighbors into criminals ! Whether 51% of Californians approve or not (& the most recent polls indicate that they do now) the legalization of marijuana is inevitable & certainly long overdue ! Call these people freedom fighters or profiteers (or both),but now they're just three more casualties in the ill-conceived & ultimately futile war on marijuana !
Lisa July 30, 2012 at 05:08 AM
And you have proof that these people sold to people in SL??? Just because it's grown in SL doesn't mean their customers are in SL.


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