Man in Wheelchair Denied Access to AC Transit Bus

Screenshot from YouTube video. Courtesy of bike42363
Screenshot from YouTube video. Courtesy of bike42363

A disabled man was denied access to an AC Transit bus last Friday at the San Leandro BART station, according to ABC7 News.

After reviewing video surveillance on the bus and questioning the driver, AC Transit confirmed that the man in a wheelchair was told he couldn’t board the bus because the designated wheelchair area was occupied by an elderly passenger with shopping cart of groceries and a mother with a baby in a stroller.

The man got angry after being denied and blocked the bus.

Watch the video above recorded by a bystander (Courtesy of bike42363).

Passengers were able to convince the elderly woman with a grocery cart to move to another seat so the man could board. 

According to AC Transit, the driver secured the man’s wheelchair and the bus continues on its route. 

Cathy Candy Gaul January 22, 2014 at 07:29 AM
If the situations was as it seems in the video and the report---then good for you, wheelchair guy for sticking up for yourself!! An elderly passenger can sit in any other seat nearby. The woman with the baby carriage should know better. The passengers should have stepped up as well. Thanks to the few who did and helped solve the situation. First come, first served applies to other people using wheelchairs!! The driver should be reprimanded for not trying to solve the situation instead of just sitting there. Ridiculous!!!!!


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