Jury Deliberations Begin on Murder of San Leandro Woman in 2012

Facebook photo posted by Lisa Arevalo, Tianna Leui's mother.
Facebook photo posted by Lisa Arevalo, Tianna Leui's mother.

Jury deliberations for the murder trial of an Oakland pimp accused of killing a San Leandro woman in an East Oakland motel room in July 2012 began Tuesday, according to the Contra Costa Times.

Andre Moncrease Jr., of Oakland, is being accused of fatally shooting Tianna Leiu, a 19-year-old prostitute, at the Starlite Motel on 1000 MacArthur Boulevard.

Alameda County prosecutor Laura Passaglia says that Moncrease was angry over Leui challenging his authority as a pimp. 

Although Leui didn’t want to work as Moncrease’s prostitute anymore, he has no motivation to kill her, argued Defense attorney James Giller.

Noone February 16, 2014 at 03:28 PM
I hope they burn him at the stake! BASTARD! As if prostitutes don't have a tough enough life? Then some bastard pimp thinks he can just snuff out a young life like he is God? NO! We, as a society must protect prostitutes. While I am not a fan of this profession, it is a part of our civilized society. I pray one day we can legalize this profession. While we can legalize marijuana (something that we really can do without!) we really need to consider legalizing prostitution. We would be able to protect not only the persons who are providing this service, we could also prevent the spread of disease and protect those who would buy these services. This would also cut out the middleman, the pimp. We could circumvent these scourge of this profession. We need to start talking about this as Americans. Let's talk!


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