Former Narc Jason Fredriksson Cops Plea, Skips Jail

The detective involved in the sex and drugs scandal that rocked the San Leandro Police Department last year will do 30 days of easy time, 5 years probation and pay fines.


Jason Fredriksson, the former San Leandro cop accused of giving a pound of pot to an informant who was also his lover, pleaded no contest this week to a misdemeanor charge that allows him to avoid jail.

Last year, the ex-narcotics detective  to a felony count of illegally transporting and furnishing marijuana for sale.

This week, Superior Court Judge Roy Hashimoto approved a deal worked out by Assistant District Attorney Michael Roemer and defense attorney Harry Stern.

Under its terms, Fredriksson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of possession of more than an ounce of pot, said a spokeswoman for Alameda County District Attorney's office.

Fredriksson was sentenced to 30 days of work for the Alameda County Sheriff's Department but will not spend nights in jail; he will serve 5 years probation during which time he can be easily searched; and he will have to pay a series of fines, including reimbursing the San Leandro Police Department for the cost of investigating him.

He also agreed not to work as a law enforcement officer or possess firearms, the district attorney's office said.

"He (Fredriksson) apologized to the court and expressed his extreme remorse," Stern said in an email Friday.

The Fredriksson case became public about a year ago when the former San Leandro police officer, then on the narcotics squad,  to his mistress, a San Leandro resident and police informant.

Fredriksson, a Danville resident, was 38 at the time and married to an SLPD police dispatcher.

When the scandal first arose Stern said  with the informant, authorities had no evidence of wrongdoing. Stern blamed the case on "hypervigilance."

The incident was a trial-by-fire for then newly-arrived San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli, who quickly brought the District Attorney into the case when she got a call informing her of the allegations against Fredriksson.

Spagnoli told Patch in an interview last November that she was .

On Friday, San Leandro Police Department spokesman Lt. Jeff Tudor said the force wanted to put the affair in the past. 

"We hope one person's actions will not cause us to lose the trust of the community," Tudor said, adding that the department had tried to bolster that trust "by dealing quickly and professionally" with the matter.

(Read more about the Fredriksson scandal.)

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Paul Vargas May 28, 2012 at 06:17 PM
He is not just a "citizen" he was a law enforcement officer who is paid quite handsomely under the guise of protecting the citizenry. He became a criminal. Plain and simple. And no Alameda County D.A. is not "liberal" she is inept, incompetent and just a plain soft on crime bleeding heart. He should be sent away with a sentence no less than what a drug dealer on 98th Avenue or San Pablo Avenue would have gotten.
Noone May 28, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Absolutely! The DA and the rest of those associated with this case and the Dillman case need to be investigated by the FBI. There is too much injustice in Alameda County. This is a perfect example.
aguadecoco Folana May 28, 2012 at 09:51 PM
ja, what counrty are you living in lately? He was given a free card, just lie the Mafia was given, till all the cops invoulded were busted~ cops do not walk in the station and confess, ah a~ no
aguadecoco Folana May 28, 2012 at 10:01 PM
What i figured out is this, many are enraged by politicans and their greed, so they have decided to rip off any way the can, just like the ploiticans are given a free card, so these lowe echalons thieves, have their own system too themselves, till they get busted, like this cop. Watch, it's not over till it's over~a Judge, A cop, a girlfriend,a bust=investigation~ I know,I watch to much ID cable~ ja ja ja Were're not fooled, it takes time before the out cry is hear by the FBI~ Some people think Oakland is bad, ja
aguadecoco Folana May 28, 2012 at 10:19 PM
What I would like too see happen is, medical marijuana be legal~ this man/policemen, would not have been in this position, well, hmm~ that he is a policemen, his price for using a office of trust by the people, he knew this, which means too me, other knew and their are invoulde+ free cardd


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