Burglary Suspect Fled, Stole Car, Got Arrested

San Leandro police say downtown arrest resulted from a quick complaint and good description by the victim.


San Leandro police have arrested 24-year-old Luis Martinez of Oakland on suspicion that he tried to break into one car, then fled in another car and stole yet a third vehicle in his attempt to get away.

Police say it all began Tuesday at noon when an officer responded to a complaint. The resident making the complaint said he had driven off a man who was allegedly breaking into his vehicle.

The incident occurred on the 2100 block of East 14th Street.

The victim said the alleged burglar fled into a waiting vehicle and provided police with a description of the suspect and the getaway car.

As units converged on the area, police say that a motorcycle officer spotted a man fitting the suspect's description driving in a different vehicle in the vicinity of Maud Avenue and Evergreen Avenue.

Police say the suspect abandoned this vehicle and fled on foot, running through several yards and crossing various streets.

Police say they arrested Martinez several blocks north of where he abandoned the vehicle in the 800 block of Juana Avenue.

Officers alledge that that the vehicle Martinez was driving had been stolen after he fled the scene of the original burglary attempt in which he is a suspect. 

Police have issued a series of reports in recent days with this same theme in which quick reports from victims and/or witnesses enable officers to make arrests.

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