3 Men Convicted of Murder at San Leandro Tattoo Party Shooting

The jury deliberated for a day before returning the verdict.

SAN LEANDRO, Ca: Shooting after a tattoo party in Oct. 2011. Patch photo archive.
SAN LEANDRO, Ca: Shooting after a tattoo party in Oct. 2011. Patch photo archive.
Three alleged gang members were convicted today of three counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder for a shooting after a tattoo party in San Leandro in October 2011 that left three people dead and three others wounded.

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Jurors deliberated for only about a day before returning their verdict against 23-year-old Anthony Perry of Oakland, the reputed leader of the Oakland-based Mob Squad gang, and reputed associates Aaron Stewart, 21, of Fairfield, and Paul Arthur Stevenson, 22, of Oakland.
The three men also were convicted of the special circumstance of committing multiple murders, which means they will face life in prison without the possibility of parole when they are sentenced by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Kevin Murphy on July 10.
Prosecutor Jimmie Wilson told jurors in his closing argument on Monday that the shooting was "a gang-related assassination." He said the alleged Mob Squad members targeted a member of the rival FE gang because they were upset about a confrontation at a San Francisco nightclub several months earlier.
Wilson said the instigator of the shooting, which occurred in a parking lot outside a warehouse in the 2600 block of Alvarado Street in San Leandro in the early morning hours of Oct. 2, 2011, was Perry, who is also known as "A-1" and "A-Uno."

Wilson said Perry, Stewart and Stevenson saw 23-year-old Joshua Alford of Oakland at the tattoo party and decided to kill him because he belonged to the FE gang and had been present at the earlier confrontation in San Francisco.
Guns were displayed in the San Francisco incident but no shots were fired and there weren't any fights, Wilson said. After the tattoo party ended, Perry, Stewart and Stevenson all armed themselves with guns, surrounded a green Ford Explorer that had been blocked from leaving the warehouse's parking lot by another car and opened fire, Wilson said.
In addition to Alford, the shooting claimed the lives of 16-year-old Leneasha Northington, a student at San Leandro High School, and 19-year-old Shanice Kiel of San Francisco, who had been accepted at San Francisco State University. Three other people who were inside the Ford Explorer were wounded.
A fourth man, Stanley Turner, 20, of Oakland, faced the same charges as the other three defendants, but in December he agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge and receive a lighter sentence in return for his testimony against the other three men. Stevenson's lawyer, Alex Selvin, argued that Perry and Stewart were the only shooters in the case and said there is no reliable evidence that Stevenson fired any shots.
Stewart's lawyer, Thomas Broome, said in his opening statement that Stewart didn't fire any shots because his gun jammed. Perry's lawyer, Darryl Stallworth, said he believes there were only two shooters in the incident and Perry wasn't one of them.
Stallworth said today that he's "disappointed" with the jury's verdict because he doesn't think there was enough evidence to conclude that there were three shooters and that Perry was one of them. He said Perry "wasn't responsible as a shooter, a conspirator or an aider and abettor" and he thinks that testimony by Turner and another key prosecution witness who was present at the shooting wasn't credible.
Stallworth also said Perry didn't have a motive to kill Alford because Perry wasn't present at the San Francisco club where the initial incident occurred and he had never seen Alford before the night of the tattoo party.
Wilson couldn't immediately be reached for comment on the verdict.

—By Bay City News
Ken Briggs April 19, 2014 at 09:17 PM
dolly may I have lived in the heart of filmore and the tenderlion in s f and have lived in east p a when most of the area was black, but people at you age back then still had more brains than now .
dolly may April 19, 2014 at 09:51 PM
Apparently not because your generation acts as if what's happening isn't happening or as if its only like this because we "don't have brains" when In reality we are a product of our environment so maybe its the parents that failed there children ! Everybody isn't as strong and educated as I was to overcome all of what I saw now granted that doesn't mean they don't know right from wrong but is it always right telling the truth when you know and seen people who have told the truth be murdered and be labeled as snitches . I'm not defending anyone but I feel truly broken for them because I know at least one of them is innocent and had he told it could have ment he didn't go to jail but live in fear or die being labeled as a snitch !
Ken Briggs April 19, 2014 at 11:02 PM
dolly may, you are right, but the young folks today do not care, just where are they all getting guns to kill with ? the one that is innocent can see another lawyer or you can help him by getting that group that helps these kind of cases , see what some law school can do for him .
jayo4282 April 21, 2014 at 05:09 AM
Mr Briggs, I can only guess you don't know the true complications of situations like this in general, or this case specifically. I have connections to one of the victims, and one of the young men convicted. Dolly may is spot on about this case. Based on scientific evidence, and the inconsistencies between the witnesses, there was SUBSTANTIAL doubt. As much as I want justice served, I don't see how they could overlook the facts, and take these boys lives. Where's the justice in THAT?
Ken Briggs May 14, 2014 at 09:54 AM
now that this is half over, give the bad boys , sorry young men life and they can think about it . but the cops should shoot them in the butt a couple of times, so they will know what it feels like. let hope they do not try to try this case over again .


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