Marga's San Leandro Voter Guide

Need some input about who to vote for? These are the candidates who have my votes, and the reasons behind them.


(Editor's note: Marga Lacabe runs the Chris Crow campaign and has made other endorsements through blog postings on Patch. Any candidate, or any reader, who wants to blog on Patch is encouraged to do so and get equal space. Follow this link to start your own blog, whether as a series or as a single posting.)

This are the people I'm voting for at the local level and the reasons why.  I hope you find them useful.

Abel J. Guillen for Assembly

He is the most progressive of the two candidates, he offers actual solutions to the state’s financial troubles (including creating a state bank, which will stimulate the California economy and support small businesses) and he is not in the pockets of the law enforcement/prison industry.  Money for prisons means less money for schools.

Dan Dillman for San Leandro City Council District 2

Yes, Dan is a maverick and someone who dances to his own tune.  But we need independent thinkers at City Hall, and we need people who are willing to challenge the status quo.  Even if you have doubts about Dan, please put him first on your ballot and your other chosen candidate second.  This will at least help show just how many people in SL are unhappy with how the City Council has been functioning.

Chris Crow for San Leandro City Council District 4. 

It is well known that I’ve been backing Chris for months.  I wasn’t his biggest fan when I first met him, but he’s won me over with his willingness to tackle issues seriously, do the research and speak to the different stakeholders.  He is also the only one on his race who understands what’s going on in City Hall and the only one with specific proposals on how to raise revenue without impacting citizens or small businesses, how to address our crime problem comprehensibly and how to attract new businesses to San Leandro.  Everyone else is just talking platitudes. 

In addition, Chris is the only candidate on his race who seems to have convictions and personal integrity.  Chris’ opponents continue to change their stands on issues based on who is asking the question.  I want government officials that I can trust, in this race, that’s Chris.

Jim Prola for San Leandro City Council District 6.  Jim and I very often disagree on policy, but he is the one politician in town whom I’ve always known to be completely straight and honest.  He has no problem telling you when he disagrees with you, but he is willing to change his mind - albeit with much effort.  Perhaps more importantly, he is by far the Councilmember most committed to the job.  He studies every issue that is presented to the City Council, seeks the input of the community and is diligent about responding to every e-mail and phone call. 

Penny Peck and Tony Shah for San Lorenzo School Board.  The SLzUSD needs a new change in leadership.  The current Board Members do not reflect the diversity of the community and they seem to have very little regard for students.  At least one incumbent running for re-election has publicly made extremely racist statements. 

Penny Peck was the Children’s librarian at the San Leandro main library for over twenty years, and has a vast amount of knowledge about how to bring the newst teaching techniques into classrooms. Tony Shah, meanwhile, is a former social worker and school councelor with a lot of experience working with students from similar backgrounds as those who attend San Lorenzo schools.  Both have a lot to give to this School District and they are both supported by the teachers and the Democratic party.

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Fred Eiger October 26, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Did Chris Crow get all his signatures from fellow pot heads? I'd rather for a real MAN like Justin Hutchison. A MAN who can hold his liquor and not some wet behind the ears dopehead little punk like Chris Crow.
Fred Eiger October 26, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Summer, bring your little skinny rear on down to Guido's and belly up to the bar. I happen to love the 1950's. I'm sure it was too normal for some degenerate like yourself. And why don't you talk about the racists who are taking down Hermy Almonte signs in Vining Dr.? You like to talk the talk but you won't walk the walk. So walk on down to Guido's and experience some real live kind of people.
Fred Eiger October 26, 2012 at 02:19 AM
I've seen Dillman signs around town and in the downtown at a couple shops.
Ken Briggs October 26, 2012 at 02:42 AM
by the way , where is FREDS list at ?
Brash Brazen October 26, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Well it looks like Justin has locked up the belligerent alcoholic vote & those of manly men,good luck with that on November 6th ! I'm sure San Leandro voters would prefer a cannabis connoisseur to a sloppy drunk with slurred speech whose supporters meet at Guido's for serious political dialog ! Marijuana enthusiasts make better friends,neighbors & politicians than angry wife beaters with a snoot full could ever hope to be ! Vote for Chris Crow,just the fact that Fred Eiger despises him should be reason enough for the majority of intelligent San Leandro voters to propel him to victory !


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