Video: Kids Talk About Mother's Day

From the mouths of babe come words of wisdom and delight.


Today is Mother's Day. Who knows more about moms than their kids?

Hear what they have to say in this Patch video.

And let's remember how valuable moms are.

A recent article from Salary.com, said stay-at-home moms work about 95 hours a week, which could be worth $112,962 a year -- if they got compensated fairly.

The site estimated that working moms averaged annual salaries of about $68,000 and logged about 58 hours a week.

Whether you stay at home mom or go out to work, Patch wishes all moms a wonderful, restful Mother's Day.

What's amazing about your mom?

Tell us your comments in the comments section below. Or upload pictures of your Mother's Day celebration.

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