This Week In Review

Confirmation that Michelle Le's body was found tops week's news.

Last week began with a grim realization in the when Hayward police announced that the human remains found last Saturday in Pleasanton were indeed those of the nursing student who had been missing for almost four months.

The case has garnered national attention and an outpouring of volunteer help, such as the search party that located Le's remains.

KTVU reported that the volunteer responsible for last week's discovery was Carrie McGonigle, the mother of Amber Du Bois, a 14-year-old San Diego area girl who was missing for a year before her remains were found in a remote area. She had been kidnapped and murdered.

The most dramatic crime story in San Leandro last week had an out-of-town connection.

On Wednesday, San Leandro police surrounded a Richmond murder suspect who had near the Bay Fair BART station.

After an all-day standoff 42-year-old Rafael Zarate was shot and wounded by a Richmond SWAT team after San Leandro police gave up on trying to get the Richmond man to surrender.

Graffiti was in the news last week.

San Leandro suspected of perpetrating the Labor Day attacks on 31 businesses on East 14th Street.

And there was a second graffiti attack on Garfield Elementary School. Police revealed that in both the recent attack and one that occurred two weeks ago.

San Leandro joined the list of communities that have taken a stand against styrofoam when the city council voted to institute a ban at the end of 2012.

Thanks to years of work by volunteers, San Leandro opened a new off-leash at the Marina with separate fenced areas for pooches large and small.

And the Waste Management corporation christened an $11 million building designed to improve the aroma of its by enabling green waste recycling trucks to transfer their loads indoors as opposed to in the open air as had been the case.



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