The North Face, JanSport Move Out Of San Leandro

Companies are spending the weekend moving their offices to their new complex in Alameda

The North Face and JanSport are moving out of San Leandro this weekend and into their new headquarters in Alameda.

Moving vans have been driving in and out of the companies' offices on Farallon Drive the past few days.

They are taking belongings to a new complex on Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda. The offices are expected to open on Tuesday.

The two companies will join a firm known as lucy in the complex. All three are outdoor athletic equipment companies and all three are owned by VF Outdoor.

The parent company last year. More than 470 employees will work on the 14-acre campus. It includes 160,000 square feet of office space, a fitness center and a cafe.

VF Outdoor company officials said the move gives them a chance to put all three companies' operations under one roof. It also gave them a chance to build a headquarters from the ground up.

Thomas Clarke July 07, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Tony Santos, where are you now? To lose these two companies, both well established and an important part of San Leandro is a tragic indictment of whom? Oh yeah Tony Santos with a fine follow up by our present mayor. Incompetent leadership.
anthony July 08, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Do you even know what VF Outdoor was looking for or why ? Tell me how you would have "created" in San Leandro the location they found in Alameda.
Thomas Clarke July 08, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Gee, Anthony, I do not know enough about the location that they found in Alameda, except that it works for them. What I would have done is to tell VF that if their goal was to unite all three of their businesses in one facility, that San Leandro was willng to do everything possible to beat any other deal from any other facility. I would have pledged and backed up the offer with a real committment to keep manufacturing in San Leandro. The regimes of Santos and Cassidy failed to even try. Want to know how kill a community like San Leandro. Keep voting for loser like Santos and Cassidy. No real committment to business in San Leandro, only what they can squeeze out as special deals to service themselves and their friends. Graft? No, too many lawyers involved to prove it. Old time bosses? Yup. It started before Jack Maltester and continued through to Tony Santos and the new pillagers of the city are Stephen Cassidy and his band of thieves. How much money has been wasted on defending the city's efforts to stop a church and defend the cowboys in the PD? That money should all have gone to making a wonderful home for VF Outdoor.


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