Disappointed Bayfair Contestant Still Pursues Dream

Donna Davis of Castro Valley still hopes to open a Sweet Abundance bakery in San Leandro even after a bad experience with a contest sponsored by Bayfair Center.


(Editor's note: Yesterday Donna Davis said . Today she shares her hopes of opening a franchise of Sweet Abundance bakeries.)

For years Castro Valley resident Donna Davis has nurtured the dream of opening a bakery called Sweet Abundance that would offer franchises in low and moderate income neighborhoods, creating jobs and opportunities in the process.

She thought that at Bayfair Center would be her catalyst for success, but things didn't work out as planned ().

But Davis has not given up the dream of opening a Sweet Abundance in San Leandro, which has some low- and moderate-income neighborhoods that would be the ideal proving ground for her concept.

"I don't think my passion is dead," she told Patch. "I still have customers."

Davis isn't quite sure where and when she will be able to open the first Sweet Abundance, but she has been working with a sympathetic landlord to use a closed-down commercial kitchen west of San Leandro Boulevard.

"God placed upon my heart the desire to share this kitchen space," said Davis, is convinced that, despite her current adversity, faith will light her way.

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David July 19, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Plenty of vacant storefronts. Donna, have you ever considered getting a supplier agreement with, say, Zocalo's? Zocalo's pastry selection is, shall we politely say, not as good as their coffee.
Been Taken July 21, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Ms Davis; you would have faced a lingering "Retail Busting" experience that would have left you financialy ruined; so thank your banker for recognizing this mall is a massive failure on all levels. Mall owners are undesireable; their representatives are equal; and your long term results would match the same failures; and all money the mall owners can leach from you! Feel lucky they did not make you a retail bust by their advanced "Leach" program! When you open your 100 th store; be sure they are not in this dispicable mall owners property. Look at who they attract now!


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