Bargain Hound Saves On Pet Adoption

Get that new cat, dog or rabbit the family has been begging to adopt -- without a big bite on your finances.


(Bargain Hound looks for ways to save money in San Leandro and vicinity. For more money-saving tips scan our archive of similar columns.

Doggies, and kitties and rabbits, oh my!

If you are a pet lover, or have kids that have been begging for one, there are some great ways to save money.

Want a purebred or a mutt? Want to save money on vaccinations or go in on a Saturday without paying extra? Gotcha covered!

There are several good pet finder sources on line including PetSmart's PeopleSavingPets.com and Petfinder.com.

Both  have lists of adoptable animals in shelters or foster care in your area. Just be aware that not every available dog, cat or rabbit will be on the list and the one you want may be gone by the time your get there.

Want to find that cutie today? Unfortunately San Leandro doesn't have an animal shelter so you have border hop.

The East BAY Spca Oakland is a beautiful adoption facility with a park-like setting and Laurel Burch murals. They  have dogs, cats and rabbits of all sizes and ages. They have to spayed or neutered before you can take them home so you may have to wait a few days. Prices vary so it pays to call first.
East Bay SPCA
8323 Baldwin St, near Heggenberger

Next month they will feature a Chihuahuas with special discounts on adoption fees and medical fees for Chihuahuas and mixes 15 pounds or smaller. All adopted Chihuahua and Chi-mix dogs go home with a leash and harness, spayed or neutered, current on shots and micro-chipped for a super low price. A great time to do the Chi-town shuffle and bring home that new love.

Bonus points: Nice private rooms where you can interact  with the pet you like and make sure the chemistry works before you take them home. And dogs and cats are temperament tested before being put out for adoption so you can be pretty sure if they will fit into your household.

Oakland Animal Services, aka the Pound. This facility is not as fancy as the SPCA but the people there care just as much about their charges.

OAS is a pioneer in having a separate section called Smallville for small dogs. They have abandoned dogs, cats, and rabbit so of all kinds and adoption prices are as low as can be.

Right now they have a lot of Chihuahuas, terrier mixes and adult rabbits, along with a wide selection of cats and larger dogs. I've seen too many poodles and Yorkies there to count. Be sure to bring proof of home ownership or a letter from your landlord. They don't want these guys to be abandoned a second time. Call for hours since they are subject to change.
Oakland Animal Services
1101 29th Avenue, off of 880/Fruitvale

PETSMART also shows adoptable dogs and cats in their store on Saturday from 12:00-5:00Pm. As with other such centers, all adoptable pets have to be up to date on vaccinations, and spayed or neutered before you can take them home so costs vary depending on what the pet needs.
308 Bay Fair Mall behind Target
San Leandro

Next week I'll cover ways to save money on vaccinations and medical care. So go give your critter a hug and take take them home.

The rest is all love and kisses.

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Leah Hall April 06, 2012 at 07:07 PM
A shout out to Bargain Hound and The East Bay SPCA! Did you know that the East Bay SPCA has summer camp for aspiring animal enthusiasts? https://www.eastbayspca.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=558 ...also Volunteer opportunities for KIDS and Birthday parties as well! https://www.eastbayspca.org/page.aspx?pid=709
Farley Walker April 06, 2012 at 08:20 PM
I foster dogs for Dusty Paws Rescue in Castro Valley, and they have a couple showings a month, plus foster parents are usually willing to meet potential adopters at other times. http://www.fourpawsrescue.net/
Marga Lacabe April 07, 2012 at 12:00 AM
A few months ago we were looking to adopt a new puppy. My husband wanted a puppy from a large breed (really, he wanted a golden or labrador retriever) and I wanted a cute dog. So I spent hours going through the dogs on Petfinder.com. I found *a lot* of Chihuahuas. But I didn't find almost any cute large breed puppies. Indeed, you can forget about adopting Golden Retriever puppies, obviously they are too cute for anyone to give them up. The puppies that were available came with long-applications and high adoption fees. Most rescues require phone interviews, phone visits and adoption fees as high as $350! Petfinder may work for people who want mutts or small breed dogs, but if you want a purebred looking puppy, it's best to look elsewhere. Then I found Oodle marketplace which listed tons of cute, affordable puppies - but every single ad I responded to was a scam (see http://marga.voxpublica.org/2012/01/internet-puppy-scam/). So I went to Craigslist where I eventually found a gorgeous pure-bred but paperless 8-weeks old German Shepherd puppy for less than the fee a GSD rescue would have charged.
Mike April 07, 2012 at 12:06 AM
http://labrescue.org/labs-available.html I am on my second Labrador, best dogs in the world. This is great site for folks looking for a Lab
Michel Devost February 24, 2013 at 01:21 PM
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