Banchero's Restaurant Closes After 63 Years

Owner John Banchero said a poor economy and his desire to retire and spend more time with family are factors.


After 63 years of serving generations of diners affordable Italian fare, has closed its doors for good.

"It was just time for us to close. It was a great run," second-generation owner John Banchero Jr. said Wedneday.

On Wednesday afternoon, phones continued to ring off the hook as former customers called in asking for updates on the restaurant located at 20102 Mission Blvd. in Hayward's unincorporated Cherryland.

"I expected a reaction but not this much. It's heartfelt and appreciated," Banchero said.

The restuarant, which employed 33 staff members including some family Banchero's, closed on Monday, June 4. Banchero said he came to make this difficult decision due to several factors including the downturned economy and working countless seven-day work weeks at the restaurant.

"I've never had a job (other than this one)," Banchero said. "I've never had the time to look for one."

However, he isn't planning on sending resume's out soon after. Banchero said he plans to retire and enjoy spending more time with family, including his wife of 31 years.

Originally opened by his father, John Banchero Sr., in 1948, John recalls working at the establishment at the young age of 13 — starting from the kitchen and working his way up to become owner.

The restaurant has had a longtime following of families in the area. During its 50th anniversary celebration, Banchero said a family made up of six generations dinned in and took up two large booths — one of the largest groups made up of the most generations eating in at once.

"I'll never forget that," he said. "I owe a great deal of gratitude to all our faithful families."

To learn more about Banchero's Italian Dinners' history, visit its website at http://bancherositaliandinners.com/our_history.html.

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Tom Abate September 10, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Here's a question for Banchero's fans: now that it is gone, where would you go for that special family dinner. In other words, what's the closest replacement?
Cres Archuleta September 13, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Wow, we all enjoyed the wait for a special family dinner at Banchero's and always went there even after moving to Santa Fe. Will miss that famous soup and chicken! That said it all, you will be missed! Cres Archuleta
j smith1 November 03, 2012 at 09:11 PM
NOOOOO! Just discovered the loss. Live out of town and hadn't been for years until last when family member moved and Bancheros became a takeout stop every few months on visits. How heartbreaking. I'm so upset that we seem to be losing the value of history and tradition. My father died when I was young. When I was middleaged I discovered a journal he had kept as a young man. He wrote about a trip he had taken and I realized I had been to the same places when I was in my twenties. The spiritual connection was overwhelming. To think I had walked the same sidewalks, climbed the same stairs, seen the same sights as my father had decades earlier made a contact I hadn't had since childhood. That's what Bancheros did for a lot of people. Corporate restaurants can't replace. We'll miss it forever.
Jason G. November 23, 2012 at 04:20 PM
i created a group on facebook called "Banchero's - Fans for Life!". check it out, and send me an "add" request - I'll add you to the group.
Eileen M. December 06, 2012 at 09:46 AM
Only just saw this tonight, Chris. Sad to see that they are gone. I too remember Dad bringing home their minestrone soup, setting it on the counter and saying, Mmm-Mmm, my my!


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