Honoring Those Who Went 'Over There' In War Or Peace

Historical photo courtesy the San Leandro Library Photograph and Document Collection shows a celebration of World War I veterans. Add your stories in comments or upload photos from your service days.

This historical photograph, taken in 1919, shows San Leandrans gathered to honor World War I veterans.

The picture is take under the grape arbor of the picnic grounds at the Estudillo House, a hotel and restaurant that was once located at the corner of Washington and Davis Streets.

Help expand our visual library of Veterans Day by sharing your own photographs. Click on the "Manage your photos and videos" link to open up a dialog box that will guide you through the process.

For those curious about the Estudillo House, Cindy Simons may be able to bring us more about it in the December San Leandro Historical Society column.

Larry Smith November 12, 2011 at 02:49 PM
All too often, veterans have been given little thanks and even less respect for the years they have given for the safety and security of our country. I would like to especially thank the veterans of WWII who sacrificed so much for so long without the benefit of modern technology to lessen their isolation from their families. It must have been a horrific experience for their minds and souls to endure. Could you imagine not seeing your wife or children for four or five years and not being able to call and talk to them? No email, photos or pictures that they could view on Facebook or other media so commonplace today? No form of interaction other than sporadic mail delivered by the APO military postal system trying to locate fighting men and women moving around from battlefield to battlefield somewhere in Europe or the Pacific? So thank you veterans of WWII, you are and were the 'greatest generation'. And thank you Patch' for presenting this visual tidbit to help remember our quickly passing heroes.
Tom Abate November 12, 2011 at 04:48 PM
Well said.
Larry Smith November 12, 2011 at 05:18 PM
And kudos to our Korean War vets as well, I certainly include them in that 'greatest generation' as well. Thank you all!


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