Solar Eclipse Tonight: Where & How to View It Safely

Create a do-it-yourself, 'pinhole projector.' Don't risk serious damage to your eyes Sunday by looking directly at the sun. Join an "eclipse party."


A partial solar eclipse will darken the sun between 5:16 and 7:40 p.m. Sunday. Optimal viewing time is 6:33 pm.

This event is called an "annular eclipse." The last time one took place was 18 years ago. The next one visible from the mainland United States won't be until 2023.

Astronomers advise eclipse-watchers to be careful.

Start by making a do-it-yourself pinhole projector. View the eclipse by turning your back to the sun and letting the sun shine through the pinhole onto a piece of paper. From there, the progression of the moon's path can be seen.

  The in Oakland will have an Eclipse Viewing Party for $5, beginning at 5 p.m.

The Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley will have a viewing for free on its deck, and charge $5 for activities inside. "This will be the best partial eclipse seen from Berkeley until 2045," it says says enticingly on its website. "Don’t miss it. And bring the whole family!"


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