National Night Out Promotes a Sense of Community

Neighbors described each other as close-knit.

For many people, National Night Out means expressing concerns about crime prevention in their neighborhoods.

For Gayle Hudson, this was a night that also brought together friends, and more importantly, family.

"I've been trying to do National Night Out when I can. It's a great time. The fire truck comes and the kids get to climb inside. People get together and really enjoy themselves," said Hudson who has been hosting on and off since 1998.

An avid supporter of NNO, Hudson knows most, if not all who come by to exchange stories and tips on anything to look out for in the neighborhood. 

"I love this neighborhood. Everyone knows eachother and there's a good sense of community," said Deborah Ramirez who has lived in San Leandro for about a year now.

According to their website, Naitonal Night Out is meant to produce a community-police partnership in hopes to spring awareness around crime prevention.

The National Association of Town Watch and Target are both sponsors for these events that take place each year.

In 2011, over 37 million people participated in NNO. These locally organized events provide a great way to get to know those who live in the surrounding area.

"We moved here from San Francisco two-and-a-half years ago and we love it here. We receive the neighborhood association newsletter online and are on the email list for Patch," said Frank Gonzalez.

Gonzalez stressed the closeness that everyone feels and how they have all shared, at one point or another, numbers for doctors, lost and found resources, pet resources, and much more.

and the were there to show support, allowing others to chat for awhile or the kids to make their way to the fire truck for a lift up in the driver's side--a tradition that is always a hit.

"It's a great event. We love to show kids our tools and show them what we do. We've provided answers to anything anyone wants to know," explains Garrett Brown, with Alameda County Fire Rescue.

Crime prevention is always on the forefront of the participants from National Night Out. One resident of the area described nearby rental properties and responsible renters as a major concern. 

While some issues may arise within this fairly quiet neighborhood, it is quite obvious how everyone feels about where they live.

"We all look out for eachother. I have five keys to different homes," adds a neighbor, "and we even have a Summer garden tour among us. That is the kind of place it is here."

For more information on how to host National Night Out in your area or find an event near you, you may visit their website


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