Manifest Destiny, Colonial Empires, and War -- How California Became a United States Territory

The San Leandro Historical Society Speaker Series presents Ernie Manzo, "California Conquered--America Takes Over, 1846-1847". FREE. Thursday, May 10, from 6:00 to 6:50 p.m. at the San Leandro Public Library, 300 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro.

, in full U. S. Dragoon uniform, tells the fascinating story of the U. S. War with Mexico, as it played out in California. The concept of "Manifest Destiny" was driving the U.S. ever westward in the 1840s, while Mexico, independent from Spain for only a few decades, was struggling to hold its vast northern territories. 

One of those territories, California, was blocking U.S. expansion to the Pacific. From the Bear Flag Republic in 1846 to Mexico’s surrender in 1848, the skirmishes and battles between American sailors, soldiers, trappers, adventurers, and settlers against Mexican soldiers in California would end with a treaty that left California and much of the American southwest in American rather than Mexican control.

Ernie Manzo is a living historian and reenactor who has given more than 40 history presentations to schools, history organizations, and others.

Nonmembers are welcome to this FREE Speaker Series event at the , 300 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro.  For more information, call 510-910-3215, email sanleandrohistory@gmail.com, or visit www.sanleandrohistory.org.

Thomas Clarke May 10, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Cindy, not a mention about the Californios, instead lumping their contribution to Mexico? This does not sound much like history, other than revisionist tales of Mexico's contribution to the United States. I am sure that Ernie knows the truth and tells it, but it certainly is a shame when the local Patch continues to put out such poorly written work.
Cindy Simons May 10, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Thomas, you are of course right that the Californios had a different culture and perspective, much as colonial Americans had developed a culture and perspective different than Britain's. Ernie's presentation will cover much more than my brief summary. And we always hope that those who are interested will be sparked by a short presentation to delve more deeply into history.
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