Looking For a Little Local Americana? Try eBay

Your San Leandro memorabilia is just a few clicks, and a credit card, away.

I can't count the number of times I've heard people wax nostalgic about the Blue Dolphin in my mere eight months as editor of San Leandro Patch. 

"If only the Blue Dolphin were still open."

"Why can't we get a place like the Blue Dolphin to move into the Marina?"

These are musings for another time. But you can have a piece of the Blue Dolphin right in your own home through the magic of eBay. 

A Patch reader (you know who you are) mentioned to me recently that he often types in "San Leandro" on the online auction site eBay, and has found all kinds of treasures that he's hoarding away, hopefully for a community museum some day (wink). 



  • A very cool bird's eye postcard of downtown San Leandro in the 1950s, 
  • A matchbook from the Terrace Club on Foothill Blvd., depicting a minimally-clothed lady, allegedly one of Alberto Vargas's pin-up girl paintings, though I'm no expert.
  • A November 20, 1880 copy of the 4-page San Leandro Reporter newspaper (awesome!)
  • A vintage dinner menu from Lancers on East 14th Street, which the seller guesses is from the 1960s (anyone remember eating there?) 
  • A 1942 photograph of a Japanese-American man standing next to a flower bed in a greenhouse (could it be the Korematsu family's flower nursery?)
  • A 1999 Bancroft Middle School Yearbook (love it for the randomness)

There are also some San Leandro t-shirts, fire and police department pins and badges, books and...ta da!, a 3-piece Blue Dolphin plate set. The seller is asking a bargain $14.99 for the set.

Interestingly, the Blue Dolphin plates would be shipped out of Las Vegas, NV, according to eBay. 

 But for other items, if you figure out the seller is actually your neighbor, maybe you can walk over and pick up your purchase instead of paying a $10 shipping fee on a matchbook. 

Happy shopping!



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