Adopt A Bunny From Rabbit Rescue Group

Make a furry friend this New Year. Castro Valley's 'Bananas for Bunnies' also serves San Leandro, San Lorenzo and vicinity.


An abundance of bunny rabbits arrived with the holidays at a Castro Valley rescue, providing opportunities for locals to make great furry friends in the new year.

Bananas for Bunnies, a rabbit rescue group, is now fostering 13 bunnies, well above its usual capacity, and eagerly seeking families interested in adopting them.

“Bunnies bring lots of laughter and joy into the household. They're full of love and life,” said Karen Johanson, founder of Bananas for Bunnies.

Three of the rabbits were rescued from Birchfield Park in Hayward where someone apparently abandoned them. Volunteers placed traps and visited the park several time a day, recovering them on Christmas Eve. Appropriately, the adult females are named Mary and Josephine, and the baby is J.C.

“Kind-hearted people had been feeding the bunnies, which were living out in the open in cold winter storms and were vulnerable to predators,” Johanson said. “They're amazingly friendly considering what they've gone through, hopping up to greet us.”

The rescue's bunch of bunnies includes ten others available for adoption.

Edie, a white and gray rabbit, “is a social butterfly. She'd be on the cheerleading squad if she were in high school,” Johanson said.

Frijole, a black lop bunny, “is very affectionate and loves getting petted.”

And James, a white and black English spot rabbit, “is a class clown and loves to play.”

For more information about the bunnies or to schedule a visit, contact Johanson at bananasforbunnies@gmail.com.


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